Exhibit Images & Captions

An extensive collection of images and captions detailing prewar Nazi Germany, ghettos and concentration camps, liberation, and Displaced Persons camps.

Part 1: The Nazi Strategy of Concentrating People

Part 2: Early Nazi Incarceration Sites (1933-1939)

Part 3: Creation of Ghettos and Expansion of Camps (1939-1942)

Part 3A: The Final Solution

Part 3B: Transit Camps

Part 3C: Resistance and Rebellion in Ghettos and Camps

Part 4: Mass Incarceration and Extermination (1941-1945)

Part 4A: Forced Labor Camps

Part 4B: Women’s Camps and Brothels

Part 4C: Medical Experiments

Part 4D: Extermination Camps

Part 4E: Victims from Auschwitz-Birkenau Extermination Camp

Part 5: Death Marches, Liberation and Displaced Persons Camps (1944-1957)