About the Exhibit

Queensborough Community College, CUNY

Dr. Christine Mangino, President of the College

Stephen Di Dio, Vice President and Chief Marketing & Communication Officer

The Harriet and Kenneth Kupferberg Holocaust Center (KHC) at Queensborough Community College, CUNY

Laura B. Cohen, Ph.D., Executive Director

Marisa L. Hollywood, Associate Director

Victoria Fernandez, Administrative Coordinator

Exhibition Curatorial and Research Team

Cary Lane, Ph.D., Curator-in-Residence and Associate Professor of English, QCC, CUNY

Jason Tingler, Ph.D., KHC Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Robyn Schwartz, Graphic Designer

Nicholas Caccese, Film Editor

Sean Simpson, Videographer

Aliza Perlmutter, KHC Curatorial Fellow

Jhordain Roberts, KHC Curatorial Fellow

Manuel Souffrant, KHC Curatorial Fellow

Nicholas Richards, KHC Curatorial Fellow

Alexia Wang, KHC Curatorial Intern

Anika Chowdhury, KHC Curatorial Intern

Ashleigh Requijo, KHC Curatorial Intern

Calista Requijo, KHC Curatorial Intern

Eliana Ellerton, KHC Curatorial Intern

Kristen Morgenstern, KHC Curatorial Intern

​Noah Benus, KHC Curatorial Intern

Shani Bornstein, KHC Curatorial Intern


This exhibition was made possible, in part, because of the generous support and guidance from the members of the Queens Delegation to the New York City Council. We would like to acknowledge and thank: Christine Brown, Geoffrey Megargee, and the Photo Archive Collection at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum; Yad Vashem; Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum; Nikolaus Wachsmann, Ph.D.; former QCC Interim President Dr. Timothy G. Lynch; former QCC Vice President for Institutional Advancement Rosemary Sullivan-Zins; QCC Fund, Inc.; QCC Auxiliary Enterprise Association, Inc.; QCC Librarians Mi-Seon Kim and Leslie Ward; and former KHC Team Members Joel George and Jennifer J. Hickey. We are especially grateful to Ellen Bottner, Kurt Goldschmidt, Gabor Gross, Judith Gross, Kate Haberman, Felice Katz, Gerd Korman, Manfred Korman (KHC Advisory Board Chair), Hanne Liebmann, Arnold Newfield, Renée Kann Silver, George Schiffman, Rosette Teitel, Anita Weisbord, and David Widawsky whose personal testimonies helped bring the exhibition to life.


Dr. Geoffrey P. Megargee (1959-2020) was a mentor and friend of the Kupferberg Holocaust Center for many years. His status as one of world’s leading Holocaust and World War II historians never prevented him from taking the time to support small organizations such as ours, including generously sharing his extensive scholarship, fact-checking our exhibits, and mentoring our staff. It is for all these reasons that we humbly dedicate this exhibit to him.