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2021-22 Colloquium: Incarceration, Transformation & Paths to Liberation during the Holocaust and Beyond

What does it mean to be transformed? In what ways does internment or incarceration alter a person, and how does liberation and freedom exist within larger systems of mass incarceration? Who gets to decide whether we are insiders or outsiders, and how does our perspective shift as a result? Is it possible to experience freedom when others are oppressed, and what does freedom look like? The 2021-22 KHC-NEH Colloquium entitled, Incarceration, Transformation & Paths to Liberation during the Holocaust and Beyond, includes events that seek to understand the Holocaust and different forms of mass confinement through the lens of transformation, whether from interned to liberated or victim to survivor. We investigate the gradual and subtle processes of liberty and loss, the processes that constitute transformation from the state of incarceration to one of liberation or freedom, and the civic and pedagogical implications resulting from such an inquiry. Organized in dialogue with contemporary issues, the series is aligned with the current KHC exhibit, The Concentration Camps: Inside the Nazi System of Incarceration and Genocide.

2021-22 Faculty Fellows

The Center welcomes the 2021-22 KHC Faculty Fellows who each led past colloquia and are joining together to create a provocative series of timely and thought provoking programming.