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The State of Roma Human Rights in the Balkans

In honor of International Roma Day on April 8, 2021, the Harriman Institute and the Roma Peoples Project at Columbia University and the Kupferberg Holocaust Center brought together top Roma scholars in the academy, advocates, and practitioners who are working to advance the human rights and dignity of Roma people throughout the Balkans.

The aim was to review the contemporary state of human rights and the challenges that confront Roma people in the six Western Balkan countries seeking European Union membership.

Panel 1: The State of Romani Human Rights in Europe
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Professor Margaeta Matache, Harvard School of Public Health
Professor Ethel Brooks, Rutgers University
Professor Tanya Domi, Harriman Institute, moderator

Panel 2: A Roma Educational Project in Bosnia and Herzegovina
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Velma Sarić, President of the Post Conflict Research Center, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH)
Miloš Bogičević, Head of Human Rights, OSCE Mission to BiH
Mirko Pincelli, Photographer and filmmaker working on documenting the lives of Roma communities in BiH
Dalibor Tanić, Roma activist and Editor-in-Chief of UDAR, a regional Roma multimedia portal 
Dr. Laura Cohen, Executive Director, Kupferberg Holocaust Center, moderator

Panel 3: What is Going on in Europe and the Balkans?
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Goran Miletić, Europe Director, Civil Rights Defenders
Deniz Selmani, Co-Founder and Program Director of Romalitico Skopje; Obama Foundation Leader, Europe Program
Anna Orsos, Women’s Rights Officer, European Roma Rights Centre
Ðorđe Jovanović, President of the European Roma Rights Centre
Professor Tanya Domi, Harriman Institute, moderator

Additional Resources

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Above image: Alija Krasnici, Roma author, playwright, and poet. Photo courtesy of the Post/Post-Conflict Research Center / Vedran Živković.