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Resources about Holocaust & Jewish Museums

Holocaust Memorial Monuments Database
The digital database, “Holocaust Memorial Monuments” is a joint effort of the The Center for Jewish Art, Hebrew University (CJA); the Miller Center/Feldenkreis Program, University of Miami (MC); and the International Survey of Jewish Monuments (ISJM). It is a new component of the Bezalel Narkiss Index of Jewish Art, created to collect and preserve digital documentation about Holocaust memorial monuments, including standardized mapping, photography, description, and historical research. When complete, the database will include all monuments memorializing the Holocaust and the genocide of the Roma in all the countries affected by the Holocaust and wherever the Holocaust is commemorated. The database will create searchable and comparative records for educational, public policy, and academic use. This is the first scholarly effort, on a global scale, to inventory and describe all Holocaust memorial monuments, and to collect and digitally publish comparable data about their inception, design, creation, installation, and subsequent roles in commemoration and education.

Jewish Museums Project
An initiative of jMUSE, The Jewish Museums Project is a web publication that explores how museums, archives, and libraries use their unique strengths and collections to spotlight Jewish history and culture, confront antisemitism, and create lasting change. The Jewish Museums Project focuses on the work of Jewish museums around the world. The site includes carefully curated resources, collection and exhibition analysis, historical perspective, and contemporary discourse; supports the dissemination of knowledge and works to ensure that Jewish museums can continue to serve as the backbone of Jewish cultural engagement in communities around the world; and invites online visitors to learn more about the vast potential of these institutions.

Council on American Jewish Museums
The Council on American Jewish Museums (CAJM) is an association of institutions and individuals committed to enriching American and Jewish culture and enhancing the value of Jewish museums to their communities. It offers programs, networking, and learning opportunities to the Jewish-museum field, and highlights issues pertaining to the presentation of Jewish culture. It is the leading forum for Jewish museums in North America, and connects well-aligned colleagues across related sectors. 

Association of European Jewish Museums
Since its foundation in 1989, the Association of European Jewish Museums (AEJM) has become a major force in the preservation of Jewish heritage in Europe. AEJM actively promotes professional standards and educational activities that help our members to fulfill their task: to preserve the material and intangible Jewish heritage and to create a productive and meaningful discourse about Jewish culture, tradition, and history. Its members seek to create bridges between past and present in fields where particularly sensitive matters are at stake. Deeply rooted in European Jewish history, AEJM is an organization for museums that are committed to fighting against antisemitism and discrimination in any form, supporting democratic values, and opposing the political abuse of history.

European Holocaust Research Infrastructure
By providing access to data about Holocaust-related places and spaces, the EHRI Geospatial Repository facilitates research driven by spatial and geographic approaches. It builds on the spatial turn in the field of Holocaust Studies: over the past years, the research in Holocaust geographies, as conducted by the Holocaust Geographies Collaborative and others, advanced new perspectives and methods. Thinking through place and space helps to formulate new questions and research projects.