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Resources about Nazi Persecution of Queer & Trans People

Explore resources about how the Nazis’ persecuted people in the LGBTQI+ community.

Pink Triangle Legacies Project
The Pink Triangle Legacies Project is a grassroots, non-profit initiative that honors the memory of the Nazis’ queer victims and carries on their legacy by fighting homophobia and transphobia today through education, empowerment, and advocacy. Click here for an extensive list of resources, including books, journal articles, videos, podcasts, oral histories, and primary source materials/collections.

United States Holocaust Memorial Museum
Encyclopedia: Gay Men Under the Nazi Regime
Encyclopedia: Lesbians Under the Nazi Regime
Encyclopedia: Paragraph 175 and the Nazi Campaign Against Homosexuality
Watch: Documenting Nazi Persecution of Gays: The Josef Kohout/Wilhelm Kroepfl Collection

KHC Recorded Programs
This video series features conversations about the Nazis’ persecution of LGBTQI+ people, how this legacy reverberates in our contemporary society, and ways that the community both memorializes and celebrates its history. Click here to watch the recorded events.