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Threads of Memory Project

In their own words, local Holocaust survivors share their experiences leading up to, during, and after World War II during an arts-based workshop.

Featuring: Solomon and Cirl Mandel; Rosa Faerman; Minia Wasilkowska; Frieda Jakubowicz; and Abraham and Clara Miles

Above image: Gleis 17 (Track 17) Memorial at Grunewald S-Bahn station in Berlin, Germany where Jewish citizens were deported on the national railways line, Deutsche Reichsbahn, to concentration and extermination camps in the Eastern-occupied territories, 2017.

Threads of Memory: Solomon and Cirl Mandel

Threads of Memory: Rosa Faerman

Threads of Memory: Minia Wasilkowska Moszenberg

Threads of Memory: Frieda Jakubowicz

Threads of Memory: Abraham and Clara Miles