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Holocaust Education Resources

Explore online teaching guides, databases, classroom materials, and survivor testimonial archives from leading Holocaust institutions, museums, and educational organizations.

Click here for the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s recommendations for teaching and learning about the Holocaust.

Additional resources are included in the attached pdf which was updated on September 18, 2023.



Thematic Poster Sets

The US Holocaust Memorial Museum offers poster sets for topics such as American Witnesses, State of Deception/Nazi Propaganda, Some Were Neighbors, the Holocaust (concise history), American Responses, Early Warning Signs, Justice & Accountability, Liberation, and Rescue.

Educator Resources & Training,

The Holocaust Museum LA’s comprehensive, downloaded, common core curricula-aligned Teacher’s Guides give teachers the tools to teach the Holocaust to students through Holocaust survivor testimony and primary sources, using as examples student-created short films about the lives of Holocaust survivors.

Teaching the Holocaust: Resources for Educators,

Echoes & Reflections offers a toolbox of teaching resources, including lesson plans, glossary, timeline, reflection questions for students, videos, and webinars to introduce the Holocaust in the classroom.    

Educational Resources,

Centropa partners with teachers to create pro-active learning experiences and then upload their lessons and projects onto its website so you can search, download, and adapt for your students. Browse lessons and projects by school subject, grade, or a specific topic.

Classroom Materials,     

The Centre for Holocaust Education provides a curriculum on the Holocaust available online. There are open-access lesson plans and classroom materials that can be downloaded from the website.

Recommendations for Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust,

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s newly-updated recommendations are crafted to help educators with fact-based and educationally sound techniques for teaching the complex and nuanced history of the Holocaust.