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Cultural & Artistic Responses to Genocide

The 2014-15 colloquium, exhibition, and library guide incorporated students’ research and responses to genocide and organized hate through work with scholars, Holocaust survivors, workshops, an exhibit, and recital. Click here to watch the events.

The 2014-15 KHC-NEH colloquium, Cultural and Artistic Responses to Genocide, was a large-scale interdisciplinary pedagogy project that explored the Holocaust, genocide, and organized hate through an arts lens. In this program, students from eight separate academic disciplines studied with professors, genocide scholars, embedded librarians, Holocaust survivors, and witnesses of mass atrocities from around the world. After a year of study, students responded with their own cultural and artistic “testimony;” reflecting on their learning through a capstone exhibit of original performances, art exhibits, documentary filmmaking, painting, poetry, creative writing, exhibition curation, singing, and dance.

The colloquium was organized by the 2014-15 KHC-NEH Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Cary Lane, Associate Professor of English at Queensborough Community College-CUNY.