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2022-23 Colloquium on Trauma, Remembrance & Compassion

What is trauma? What does it mean to remember? What is compassion? The 2022-2023 KHC and National Endowment for the Humanities’ (NEH) colloquium entitled, Trauma, Remembrance and Compassion, explores trauma, both historically and in our contemporary culture, and how remembrance and compassion both have and continue to offer meaningful responses to atrocities. If genocide and incarceration are crimes and practices that silence people and remove their humanity from them, then remembering is an act of restoration. In preserving the stories of those who have been dehumanized, we honor their suffering and affirm their humanity. In this colloquium, we explore remembrance as a social action that speaks back to the destructiveness and dehumanization of trauma. We also explore how to meaningfully engage with trauma, to hold space for and learn from past traumas. Finally, we seek to identify ways to respond to trauma through compassion, to consider how in the face of traumas, we can choose to act deliberately to alleviate suffering. Organized in dialogue with contemporary issues, the series is aligned with the current KHC exhibit, The Concentration Camps: Inside the Nazi System of Incarceration and Genocide. Click here for more information about the programs, registration links, and 2022-2023 KHC-NEH Faculty Fellows.