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  • Some were neighbors
    Colloquia Kupferberg Holocaust Center

    Some were Neighbors: Complicity & Collaboration, a Workshop with The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

    The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) has a permanent and online exhibit that highlights the role bystanders played in facilitating the escalation of genocidal policies towards European Jews. While Hitler and high level Reich members have primarily been held accountable for the atrocities of the Nazi regime, along with specific perpetrators of their genocidal aims, widening the scope outside of the parameters of the rank and file members of the party introduces a host of more complex and ambiguous…

  • Watchers of the Sky 2
    Cinema Series Kupferberg Holocaust Center

    Watchers of the Sky

    The global fight against mass ethnic killings—like those in Rwanda, Kosovo and Suban—started with a word: genocide. Coined by Raphael Lemkin, a Polish Jew who lost family in the Holocaust, the word turned the massacres into official crimes and led to the creation of the UN and ICG to prosecute war criminals. Inspired by Samantha Power’s Pulitzer Prize-winning A Problem From Hell, Watchers of the Sky traces Lemkin’s legacy through the modern efforts of four humanitarians, including Power and Ben…

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  • Dr. Mordecai Paldiel
    Colloquia Lecture Kupferberg Holocaust Center

    Exploring Yad Vashem’s “Righteous Among the Nations” Program

    Drs. Bebe and Owen Bernstein Lecture NEH 2017-18 Event: Complicity & Collaboration  While episodes of genocide spotlight the worst of humanity, it can also reveal instances of true compassion, oftentimes in the attempts that regular civilians make in efforts to save their fellow man. During the dark and bleak days of the Nazi regime, despite all the institutional barriers, there were ordinary people who risked their own lives and safety in order to shelter and smuggle Jews. Dr. Mordecai Paldiel,…

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  • CoverFY18
    Lecture Kupferberg Holocaust Center

    Exhibition Opening: Conspiracy of Goodness

    Drs Bebe and Owen Bernstein Lecture The KHC unveils of our newest original exhibition that tells the story of how an isolated Huguenot community in the Loire Valley, saved 3,500 Jews from Nazi Germany and the soldiers of Vichy France. Villagers of Le Chambon-sur-Lignon, joined together to conceal, rescue, and provide false documentation for Jews and French Resistance fighters at great risk to their own lives. They offered sanctuary and kindness to refugees, while they, the Huguenots or Calvinists, had lived…

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  • Weapons of the Spirit
    Cinema Series Kupferberg Holocaust Center

    Weapons of the Spirit

    In 1944, Pierre Sauvage was born in a small village in France. He and his parents were among the nearly 5000 Jews there, hidden from occupying Nazis by the kindly residents. As an adult, Sauvage created this documentary to understand the almost otherworldly goodness of the village’s inhabitants. Archival footage reveals collaborationist activities throughout the rest of France, while interviews with surviving villagers reveal their matter-of-fact attitude toward their acts of resistance. This screening will include a facilitated discussion by…

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  • Maggie Paxson
    Colloquia Lecture Kupferberg Holocaust Center

    Remembering the Good: Holocaust Rescue and Resistance in a French Village

    Drs Bebe and Owen Bernstein Lecture NEH 2017-18 Event: Complicity & Collaboration From 1939 to 1945, the villagers of the Plateau Vivarais-Lignon, France, hid, protected, and ultimately rescued thousands of Jews from the Nazis at great peril to their own lives. Their nearly unparalleled actions during the Holocaust are part of this community’s long history of taking in persecuted outsiders of diverse backgrounds. Anthropologist Dr. Margaret Paxson will discuss her nearly completed book on how this community handled the shelter…

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  • Incident at vichy
    Cinema Series Kupferberg Holocaust Center

    Incident at Vichy

    Adapted from Arthur Miller’s play, this film focuses on a group of men detained in Vichy France; and held to wait unknowingly, for what turns out to be their “racial” inspection by German military officers and Vichy French police during World War II. It focuses on the subjects of human nature, guilt, fear, and complicity and examines how the Nazis were able to perpetrate the Holocaust with so little resistance. The play first premiered on Broadway in December of 1964.…

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  • Incident at Vichy Playbill

    Incident at Vichy: A Discussion with the Actors

    NEH 2017-18 Event: Complicity & Collaboration An intimate portrait of life under Nazi occupation in Vichy France is dramatized by the Pulitzer-prize winning playwright Arthur Miller’s Incident at Vichy. Oftentimes overlooked when assessing Miller’s overall oeuvre, this specific play was performed at the Signature Theater in New York City in 2015 and explored the resonant themes of living life under an occupying force where the line between friends and foes is blurred and evil presents itself in many forms, oftentimes…

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  • _MG_9505-LeoCorrea
    Special Event

    International Holocaust Remembrance Day

    On January 27th, 1945, Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated. The United Nations General Assembly designated this day as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this annual day of commemoration, we honor the victims of the Nazi era and help prevent future genocides. Please join the Kupferberg Holocaust Center in this day of Remembrance.  

  • David Engel
    Colloquia Lecture Kupferberg Holocaust Center

    In the Shadows of Auschwitz: The Treatment of Jews in Poland during the Holocaust

    Drs Bebe and Owen Bernstein Lecture NEH 2017-18 Event: Complicity & Collaboration Dr. David Engel, Holocaust scholar and author of multiple books on the Holocaust will lecture about the treatment of Jews specifically in Poland during the Holocaust. This presentation will chronicle his research of the Holocaust in Poland, the Polish government-in exile, and the role of complicity versus collaboration versus rescue that occurred in Nazi occupied territories in Eastern Europe. Engel is a Professor of Holocaust Studies & the…

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