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  • Dr. Maggie Paxson
    Bernstein Lecture Series Colloquia Kupferberg Holocaust Center

    Remembering the Good: Holocaust Rescue and Resistance in a French Village

    From 1939 to 1945, the villagers of the Plateau Vivarais-Lignon, France, hid, protected, and ultimately rescued thousands of Jews from the Nazis at great peril to their own lives. Their nearly unparalleled actions during the Holocaust are part of this community’s long history of taking in persecuted outsiders of diverse backgrounds. Anthropologist Dr. Margaret Paxson will discuss her nearly completed book on how this community handled the shelter of outsiders. Dr. Paxson, whose first book, Solvyovo: The Story of Memory…

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  • Cinema Series Kupferberg Holocaust Center

    Incident at Vichy

    Adapted from Arthur Miller’s play, this film focuses on a group of men detained in Vichy France; and held to wait unknowingly, for what turns out to be their “racial” inspection by German military officers and Vichy French police during World War II. It focuses on the subjects of human nature, guilt, fear, and complicity and examines how the Nazis were able to perpetrate the Holocaust with so little resistance. The play first premiered on Broadway in December of 1964.…

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  • Playbill for Incident at Vichy

    Incident at Vichy: A Discussion with the Actors

    NEH 2017-18 Event: Complicity & Collaboration An intimate portrait of life under Nazi occupation in Vichy France is dramatized by the Pulitzer-prize winning playwright Arthur Miller’s Incident at Vichy. Oftentimes overlooked when assessing Miller’s overall oeuvre, this specific play was performed at the Signature Theater in New York City in 2015 and explored the resonant themes of living life under an occupying force where the line between friends and foes is blurred and evil presents itself in many forms, oftentimes…

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  • _MG_9505-LeoCorrea
    Special Event

    International Holocaust Remembrance Day

    On January 27th, 1945, Auschwitz-Birkenau was liberated. The United Nations General Assembly designated this day as the International Holocaust Remembrance Day. On this annual day of commemoration, we honor the victims of the Nazi era and help prevent future genocides. Please join the Kupferberg Holocaust Center in this day of Remembrance.  

  • Speaker at Microphone
    Bernstein Lecture Series Colloquia Kupferberg Holocaust Center

    In the Shadows of Auschwitz: The Treatment of Jews in Poland during the Holocaust

    Part of the Drs. Bebe and Owen Bernstein Lecture Series NEH 2017-18 Event: Complicity & Collaboration Dr. David Engel, Holocaust scholar and author of multiple books on the Holocaust will lecture about the treatment of Jews specifically in Poland during the Holocaust. This presentation will chronicle his research of the Holocaust in Poland, the Polish government-in exile, and the role of complicity versus collaboration versus rescue that occurred in Nazi occupied territories in Eastern Europe. Engel is a Professor of…

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  • Cinema Series Kupferberg Holocaust Center


    Based on the acclaimed book “History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier,” Denial recounts Deborah E. Lipstadt’s (Academy Award winner Rachel Weisz) legal battle for historical truth against David Irving (Cannes Award winner Timothy Spall), who accused her of libel when she declared him a Holocaust denier. In the English legal system, the burden of proof is on the accused, therefore it was up to Lipstadt and her legal team to prove the essential truth that…

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  • Dr. Azadeh Aalai
    Colloquia Kupferberg Holocaust Center

    Becoming an Engaged & Active Bystander: How to Navigate a Complex & Diverse World

    NEH 2017-18 Event: Complicity & Collaboration This workshop will facilitate skill-building for student and other participants by asking them to reflect on difficult questions, such as: what does it take to become an engaged and civic-minded citizen, and how can we develop skills to be more likely to be active (rather than passive) bystanders? The workshop will explore the theme of complicity and collaboration in a modern context, by reflecting on how we feel pressure today to remain passive in…

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  • Cinema Series

    The Zoo Keepers Wife

    In 1939 Warsaw, the Germans are slowly making their presence felt, with Hitler secretly preparing for the German invasion of Poland. Jan and Antonina Zabinski continue their daily routine as owners and keepers of the Warsaw Zoo, but soon, as German Luftwaffe’s Stukas hammer the Polish capital, their life’s work together with the city, will turn to ashes. With the zoo liquidated for the war effort and many of its animals tragically perished, what was once an animals’ zoo, will…

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  • Holocaust Freedom Seder Tables
    Special Event Student Union Building

    The Annual Holocaust Freedom Seder

    Join us as we once again honor the Holocaust survivors of our community by recreating the same Passover Seder held in 1946, the first to be held after World War II. Return with us to the DP camp of Munich as the survivors of the Holocaust come together to celebrate the holiday of Freedom, the Season of Deliverance. Admission is $14.00 per person. Guests receive a Haggadah, a program led by Rabbi Charles Agin and cantor, and a kosher meal.…

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  • Candle Lighting Ceremony
    Special Event Kupferberg Holocaust Center

    Yom HaShoah Commemoration

    Drs. Bebe and Owen Bernstein Lecture Join the KHC for our annual Yom HaShoah Commemoration. Also known as Holocaust Remembrance Day, this event commemorates the six million Jews who perished during the Holocaust, and recognizes the heroism of the survivors and rescuers. This year’s event will include a candle lighting ceremony and special readings in honor of survivor remembrance. This event is FREE, but registration is requested. Visit: https://yom-hashoah-commemoration.eventbrite.com

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