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Protest and Social Movements

2019-20 Colloquium: Authoritarianism on the Continuum

For the past decade, under authoritarian regimes and bourgeois democracies alike, we have seen millions of urban protesters take to the streets across the globe, sometimes occupying local spaces and other times bringing their cities to a halt. Dr. Mark Frazier, Professor of Politics and Academic Director of the India China Institute and Dr. Deva Woodly, Associate Professor of Politics, both with the New School for Social Research, discuss these dynamics as well as the limits and potentialities of the current wave of protest movements taking place around the world.


Dismantling Democracy

2019-20 Colloquium: Authoritarianism on the Continuum

The flip side of authoritarianism is democracy, which is performed and protected through a complex web of institutions, documents, social norms, and belief systems. Dr. Jessica Pisano, Associate Professor of Politics at the New School for Social Research and Dr. Kevin Anderson, Professor of Sociology, Political Science and Feminist Studies at University of California, Santa Barbara, address the processes through which the conditions for the practice of democracy can and have been eroded in the past and present.