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The Holocaust in Context

Along with Holocaust survivors who gave personal testimony, the 2013-14 colloquium and accompanying library guide provided an interdisciplinary perspective to help students understand the past and make connections to the world that they know. Click here to watch the events.

The 2013-14 KHC-NEH colloquium, The Holocaust in a Global Context: Connections Across the Community College, sought to address and relate to on-going global challenges, create interdisciplinary collaboration, and feature faculty development. Participants were invited to think broadly about connections involving discrimination, persecution, and prejudice as they designed units for introductory composition and literature classes to promote on-going engagement with the programs and resources of the Kupferberg Holocaust Center.

The colloquium was organized by the 2013-14 KHC-NEH Scholar-in-Residence, Dr. Susan Jacobowitz, Professor of English at Queensborough Community College-CUNY.