Eyewitnesses to History

From the Permanent Collection

Holocaust survivors in New York City and Long Island recall memories from 1938 to 1944, which include mass arrests, deportations, concentration camp life, and liberation by the Allied forces.
Shop damaged during Kristallnacht.

The Holocaust Unfolds

As the Nazis rose to power and invaded neighboring countries, Jewish life under Nazism differed across Europe. Survivors describe the moments where they felt the beginning of the end had arrived.

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American soldiers march into Buchenwald upon liberation of the camp


Life did not seamlessly return to normal following liberation. Survivors realized the total extent of Nazi brutality, struggled to live within hometowns that were still antisemitic, and face a world that ignored the truths of the Holocaust.

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In order for future generations to understand the impacts of hatred seen at its pinnacle during the Holocaust, survivors ask others to pass on their stories and respect all cultures to emphasize the message of “Never Again.”

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Threads of Memory Project

In their own words, local Holocaust survivors share their experiences leading up to, during, and after World War II during an arts-based workshop.

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