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Fall 2020 Internships

Student Technology Internship (Fall 2020 Remote Work)

The KHC is accepting applications from QCC students for technology internships to be conducted remotely during the fall 2020 semester. Applicants should be versed in social media management, website design, and/or online event production.

Requirements & Stipend: The intern is expected to complete 70 hours of remote work during the fall 2020 semester, including approximately four to five weekly meetings as well as regular check-ins with the KHC staff during video conference calls.

Upon completion of all hours, the intern will receive a $600 stipend. Students must provide proof of authorization to work in the United States (US) by the start of the internship. International students should contact QCC’s Center for International Affairs, Immigration & Study Abroad for additional guidance.

Applications: Students must apply by September 15, 2020 by e-mailing a letter of interest and brief resume with your qualifications to