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“What’s that? Wednesday” – Week 4


Pastor Edouard Theis, Roger Darscissac, and Pastor André Trocmé were among the aid providers that helped refugees on the Plateau Vivarais-Lignon during World War II. In addition to preaching, Pastor Trocmé and with Pastor Theis, the school’s first headmaster started the village’s first secondary school called L’école Nouvelle Cévenole. Darcissac was the director of the public school in Le Chambon.

In February 1943, the three were arrested and taken to St. Paul D’Eyjeaux internment camp where they were held for a month. While interned, Darsiccac’s son, Marco, and Pastor Trocmé’s daughter, Nelly, came to visit their fathers at the camp. Marco Darcissac was able to sneak a camera inside his coat while visiting, and, while Roger claimed to be cold during one visit, Marco took off his coat and gave it to his father with the camera in the pocket.

After being interned for a short while, they were forced to sign an order of obligation to the Vichy government. Although Darcissac signed, the pastors refused but were nevertheless released from the camp.

Darcissac, Theis, and Trocmé were all awarded the Righteous Among the Nations designation by the Israeli Holocaust Museum, Yad Vashem for their life-saving efforts to save Jews and other regugees during the second world war.